Tours to russia for foreigners

Russia is in demand among the foreign tourists. The history, culture, sporting events, customs of our country are the object of interest to many people from different continents. Some foreigners are are looking for possibility of doing business in Russia, and for this they need to know the country in which they going to work. Russian tours for foreigners have their own characteristics and are somewhat different from excursion programs for Russian tourists. Commonly, this is due to the mentality of citizens of different foreign countries, their age, hobbies and religious beliefs.

The most popular Russian tours for foreigners among foreign citizens are Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Golden Ring. The program of visits to the Russian Federation can be completely different: thematic, fact-finding, business, gastronomic. Many foreign tourists are a little afraid to come to our country because of ignorance of the real living conditions of Russia and their attitude to foreign citizens.

The main objectives of the tour operator “Russian Horisons” are:

Acquaintance of foreigners with a true, original Russia, which respects other people.

Demonstration of culture, history, art of modern large cities.

Show the life and way of ordinary Russian people, both in large and small cities of Russia.

Demonstration the real dishes of Russian cuisine.

Demonstration the customs of the country to foreigners.


Russian excursion tours.

Depending on the time of stay, foreign tourists can choose private and group tours to Russia.

If the time is limited, but you want to spend an interesting weekend, 3, 4 or 5 day tours in Russia (short tour) are suitable. The planned program will allow you to see the basic values ​​of history, culture and architecture. Short tours are specially designed for those who are traveling for the first time to be acquainted with our country.

6, 7 or 8-day tour in Russia (standard tour) would allow you to learn Russian life, customs and get acquainted with craft cultures. The travel route includes visits to several ancient cities. The excursion program provides an opportunity for foreigners to see the religious culture, to participate in a master class of ancient Russian crafts. Standard trips will show foreign tourists how kind and rich the souls of the Russian people are.

Most people from other continents want to combine many interests in one trip. 9-10 day trip to Russia and more (extended tour) just solve many problems. Long trips include gastronomic master classes, visits to places of history, painting, and architecture. Additionally, foreign tourists are acquainted with the religious culture, Russian traditions. Tourist groups will see unique nature along the route.

Traveling in Russia, every foreign tourist will discover new, amazing knowledge about our country. A guide speaking the language of tourists from another country accompanies any tourist trip. This is a great opportunity to take beautiful photographs on the background of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, to see Russia with your own eyes and to buy souvenirs.