In the range of our services, we provide visa support for our tourists.

Visa invitation.

We make a tourist visa invitation for all countries for a single or double visit to Russia with a stay of up to 30 days.

The deadline for issuing an invitation is 1 day.


Visa is a prerequisite for the entry of a foreign citizen into Russia.

A tourist visa to Russia is issued to a foreign citizen entering for tourist purposes for a stay of up to 30 days. A visa can be single entry or double entry. A visa is issued on the basis of a tourist invitation of a foreigner to Russia (a document consisting of a tourist voucher and confirmation of admission). A foreign citizen wishing to obtain a visa to Russia must apply to the Consulate of the Russian Federation for a visa. The procedure for submitting documents is regulated directly at the representative office of the Russian Federation abroad, for all the necessary information should be contacted there. The period during which the document is drawn up is different and depends on the consulate that you applied to.


The consulate may request the following documents:

– Confirmation of cash availability

– Tourist invitation to Russia

– Passport (identity document)

– A completed application form of the Consulate.

– Medical insurance


A tourist visa is the least troublesome process compared to other types of visas, such as, for example, private or work. If you have a desire to visit Russia on a short visit, then it will be most convenient and fast to get a tourist visa, while tourism may not be the purpose of the trip.

A tourist visa is an excellent option if you need to visit Russia urgently.

Please note that upon arrival in Russia, to the place of stay (to the place where you will actually reside) you need to present the hotel administration with your migration card and identity document (passport) to apply for migration registration.

For most countries, visa invitations and electronic insurance are used.

The cost of a visa invitation for all countries of the European Union, Great Britain, the USA and Canada is – 15 euro / 17 USD

Specify the cost of the visa invitation for other countries, they vary and can range from 20 euro / 23 USD to 30 euro / 35 USD


We also arrange medical insurance for our tourists. See the “Insurance” section for full details.