Moscow tours

A visit to the capital is considered the main type of acquaintance with Russia. Moscow is one of the largest cities, the historical center of Russia. Over a year, more than twenty million tourists visit the city (24.2 million in 2019). Moscow is in the TOP 10 visited cities of the world and TOP 5 visited cities of Europe. The quality of the tour depends on the impressions that you will receive and the further desire to return to Russia. Therefore, it is important to organize a reception in Moscow, transport, comfortable accommodation, meals, and sightseeing during the stay.

Excursion tours to Moscow.

Tourist routes are diverse. Interesting tours in Moscow are the walking in the center of the capital. Excursions can be sightseeing, thematic or entertaining. Walking along the clean streets of the city, you have more opportunities to see the architecture of buildings, to take photos of historical places. The sights are surrounded by numerous restaurants where anyone can try Russian, European or other cuisines.

From the position of transport convenience, during a walk you can go down to the Moscow metro. You will see metro stations decorated with frescoes, stucco molding, and learn the history of the creation of the metro. There is a legend, if you touch certain sculptures; the wish you made may be fulfilled. Moscow Metro is recognized as one of the most beautiful subways in the world.

It is impossible to see the capital in a couple of days. If you have a small margin of time, it is better to book the 3-4 day tours to Moscow (short tour). A short trip will show you to the temples, central squares, the Kremlin and the main streets of the city. Comfortable transport is provided for short tours to get to know the sights without wasting your time on the road.

5-6 day tours to Moscow is a combined route that uses transport and walking. A standard trip includes visiting the observation platforms of the city, museums, parks and major urban historical sites. In the summer season, boat trips on the water can be organized at your request. It is an amazing feeling to see the capital from the river. If you want to see the city at night, a sightseeing tour of Evening Moscow by transport can be organized.

Excursions in moscow.

“Russian Horizons”, Russian tour operator, which organizes Reception and tours to Moscow invites you to see the capital in all its beauty. Travel programs are designed for group and individual visits. Professional guides who speak your language will show how great, unique this city is. You will find a transfer, comfortable accommodation in hotels, meals, tour guides. You will visit amazing places:

Cosmonautics museum with 120 exhibits of flying equipment.

The Armory, which preserves the history and relics of the royal dynasties.

One of the largest museums in Europe, which houses various techniques of the best examples of the last century.

Walking around the Kremlin.

Visiting historical squares, Moscow streets with a panoramic platform in Zaryadye Park.

Old Arbat is one of the ancient streets where you can buy souvenirs for yourself in memory of the trip.Обзор храмов, монастырей.

In between excursions, free time is provided for independent walks. You can take advantage of additional excursions, where a guide will also accompany you. This route is designed for a 7 day tour to Moscow (multi-day tour).

If you are interested in non-standard sightseeing tours in the capital, let us know. We will find the best route for you. At the end of the trip, you can capture many attractions and say that you saw the most amazing historical places.

Souvenir fair on Vasilievsky descent