Individual tours in Moscow, the Golden Ring of Russia and St. Petersburg.

In addition to group tours, we specialize in individual tours in Moscow, the Golden Ring and St. Petersburg. In the programs we have presented, there are programs with prices for individual tourists. Individual can be considered any tour with the number of tourists up to 10 people.

An individual tour, of course, is more expensive than a group one and it does not include group meals for lunch and dinner, but this is an individual tour when you are not tied to the program defined by the cafe or restaurant program and have the freedom to choose a restaurant and dishes based on your preferences. And our guide will always recommend a restaurant and dishes to your liking.

In addition, in individual tours, you can change the program during the tour, instead of the object of visit, you can ask the guide to show you another. For example, replace the temple with a museum or walk along the promenade. Later, wake up and have breakfast calmly, start your excursion, or finish it in time, as you feel comfortable, a little earlier or later. The main thing is that all the changes would be within the framework of the booked hotels along the route.

And if you have certain tasks in your trip or its special theme that does not fit into the framework of the programs we have proposed, we will build a program that suits your interests and needs that suits you perfectly.

We have extensive experience in organizing and conducting such tours and upon your request, we will very quickly draw up YOUR program and send you for approval and approval.

Individual tours and their unique programs are of particular value for free travel, while you will always have 2 assistants with you, your personal guide and your personal professional driver for the duration of the trip.