Russian Golden ring tours.

 The golden ring is a tourist route, combining a trip to 9 historical cities of Russia. This trip is very popular among foreign tourists, because it provides an opportunity to form a general idea of the country, get acquainted with the provincial life, crafts, learn the mentality of the Russian people. The route will introduce many original ancient cities, each of which once played a significant role in the history of the country. Interesting tours of the Golden Ring of Russia will introduce you to the Golden Gate of Vladimir, the shrines of the Holy Trinity Monastery of Murom, architectural styles of five eras, preserved in the center of Yaroslavl and other cities. This is the culture, architecture, painting, religion and customs of our state.    

Golden ring tours from Moscow.  

Moscow is the main starting point for a trip to the ancient cities of Russia. Depending on the season and interests, you will be offered bus or boat tours, accompanied by a guide who speaks your language.

Even if you have a small amount of time, tours on the Golden Ring of Russia for 2-3 days will help to be acquainted with the Russian soul in all its manifestations and to become spiritually rich. The small distance between the old Russian cities allows you to see a lot of interesting things in a short time. If the trip takes place by bus, at night you will relax in comfortable hotels or hotels.

Tours on the Golden Ring of Russia for 4-5 days will show you not only the cities. During the trip you will try national dishes, buy souvenirs in the form of lacquer boxes, crystal figures, sweets and also you will take part in a master class of ancient Russian crafts. The route runs through many temples, monasteries and cathedrals. This will allow you to see the religious greatness of our country. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from Europe visit the holy places of Murom, Suzdal, Vladimir.  

Golden ring tours from St. Petersburg.

Petersburg also serves as a starting point for departure to ancient Russian cities. The trip is organized in such a way as to make a convenient transfer from a train or plane to a comfortable bus. The Russian tour operator, organizing tours of the Golden Ring of Russia - “Russian Horizons” offers an exciting journey through the unique beauties of our country. Throughout the route, a guide who provides travel information on a trip between cities accompanies you. In each city, interesting historical places, city secrets, walking tours, delicious national cuisine await you.

During the trip, accommodation is provided in comfortable rooms of hotels. 7 –  10 day tours to the Russian Golden Ring are organized with visits to 7 areas:








In addition to the ancient Russian cities of the Golden Ring, the program provides visits to small original cities where theater performances are held, as well as a culinary master class.

Any excursion can be supplemented by other interesting cities located along the route:







After the tour, you will be acquainted with Russian customs, crafts. You will learn the history of the cities of Ancient Russia during the reign of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Memorable photos and souvenirs will remind you of the trip. In addition, culinary master classes will allow you to take recipes with our country’s dishes. We invite you to plunge into the past and explore the treasury of the Golden Ring of Russia.


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