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Named the dates of the main festivals of the “Moscow Seasons” in 2020

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This year, 17 festivals and holidays are planned for Muscovites and guests of the capital.

On February 1, the New Book Festival opened for book and reading enthusiasts “Bukinist.” This year it will last almost a whole year – until December 6. It offers creative workshops, meetings with writers, as well as a huge selection of fiction, popular science and children’s literature. For the first time, the “Bukinist” was held in 2018. Then its sites were visited by about 560 thousand people who purchased about 75 thousand books.
Three weeks after the end of Travel to Christmas, the Moscow Maslenitsa starts. This bright and tasty holiday is being held in the capital for the fourth year in a row. This season it will last 10 days – from February 21 to March 1. At city venues, guests can find out how to spend the winter in Russia and other countries, watch theatrical performances, take part in culinary and craft workshops and, of course, try pancakes with all kinds of fillings.

In the spring, Muscovites and tourists will enjoy festivals dedicated to creativity, charity and history – “Golden Mask” in the city, “Crimean Spring”, “Easter Gift”, “Nikolin Day” and “Moscow Spring a cappella”.
During the days of the Golden Mask festival in the city, the best performances of theater groups from all over Russia can be seen in the streets and squares, in museums and educational institutions, at train stations and parks. Impressions are scheduled for March and April.
Crimean Spring is a festival that tells about the history and culture of the Crimean peninsula. From March 18 to March 22, performances of creative groups await guests. Everyone will be able to purchase unusual souvenirs, products brought from the peninsula, as well as try dishes prepared according to the favorite recipes of Crimeans.
At the festival “Easter Gift”, the largest charitable foundations of Russia will conduct educational and creative programs and talk about their activities. There will also be fundraising and gifts for the needy, inclusive events and exhibitions of homeless animals. Within the framework of the festival, it will be possible to take part in culinary master classes in the preparation of traditional Easter treats. The Easter Gift will be held from April 17 to 26.
The Nikolin Day art festival was first held in Moscow in 2019. Participants are waiting for concerts, charity events, flash mobs and creative activities. Festival venues will be open from May 15-24.

Moscow Spring a cappella is one of the most favorite festivals of city dwellers and tourists. Moscow streets, squares, squares and even balconies of houses turn into scenes where hundreds of free concerts take place. Last year, “Moscow Spring a cappella” was attended by about 200 artists and bands from 26 countries. This time the festival will be held from May 28 to June 7.

The festival of historical reconstruction “Times and Epochs” will be held from June 12 to 21. Last year, two thousand reenactors from 14 countries gathered in it. On the metropolitan sites you could see different historical eras: from the Stone Age to the 80s of the XX century. Festival guests witnessed the reconstruction of knightly battles, balls, scenes of everyday life, took part in ancient games, mastered crafts and listened to informative lectures.
As part of the competition and the festival of landscape design “Flower jam” in Moscow there will be dozens of unusual copyright gardens made by designers from around the world. Visitors will find master classes in gardening and floristry, as well as competitions in creating flower beds. To participate in the “Flower jam” received 225 applications from 15 countries. The names of the finalists will be announced on February 8 as part of the International Landscape Conference “Flower Jam” in the botanical garden of Moscow State University “Pharmaceutical Garden”. The gardens created by the finalists will bloom in Moscow on July 19. The main program of “Flower jam” is planned from August 22 to September 6.
“World Ballet Vacations” this summer will be held at VDNH from July 2 to 5. Last year, the festival attracted 400 thousand visitors. Guests were awaited by the performance of dancers from all over the world, as well as classes in various choreographic areas.
“The rhythm of my city” is a festival of modern street culture. It was first held at VDNH in August and September last year. The thematic weeks of “The rhythm of my city” were visited by 200 thousand guests who listened to concerts of famous artists, met with bloggers, and also participated in training and workshops. This year the festival will be held in the capital from August 10 to 23.

The autumn program will open one of the largest holidays – Moscow City Day. On the first weekend of September, the main Moscow street – Tverskaya – will become a pedestrian. It will set up scenes and art objects, there will be sports, music, theater events, as well as unusual master classes, open training and intellectual games. Last year, about three million people attended the celebrations. In 2020, Moscow’s birthday will be celebrated on September 5 and 6.
Golden Autumn is a great gastronomic holiday. On the days of the event, you can buy delicious and high-quality farm products at venues throughout the city, taste unusual dishes, watch gastronomic shows, take part in cooking classes and learn all about good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. It will be held from October 2 to 11.
You can learn about the traditions and culture of residents of all regions of our country at the festival “Day of National Unity”. Guests will enjoy performances by creative groups, souvenirs from all over Russia, as well as the best dishes of national cuisines. Festive events are scheduled from November 4 to 8.

Schedule of the main events of the cycle of urban street events “Moscow Seasons” for 2020:

– The Bukinist festival – February 1 – December 6;
– festival “Moscow Maslenitsa” – February 21 – March 1;
– festival “Golden Mask” in the city “- March – April;
– festival “Crimean spring” – March 18-22;
– festival “Easter gift” – April 17–26;
– festival “Nicholas Day” – May 15-24;
– festival “Moscow Spring a cappella” – May 28 – June 7;
– Day of Russia – June 12;
– festival “Times and Epochs” – June 12–21;
– festival “World Ballet Vacations” – July 2–5;
– festival “The rhythm of my city” – August 10-23;
– Flag Day of Russia – August 21–22;
– Flower jam festival – August 22 – September 6 (exhibition gardens will be open from July 19);
– City Day – September 5–6;
– The festival “Golden Autumn” and the special project “Fish Week in Moscow” – October 2–11;
– National Unity Day – November 4–8;
– Travel to Christmas festival – December 11, 2020 – January 10, 2021.

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