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Consulate of Austria in St. Petersburg

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Consulate General of Austria to open in St. Petersburg

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects the opening of the Austrian Consulate General in St. Petersburg in 2020. This was reported on February 10 by Interfax with reference to the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Zapevalov.

The Russian side approved Vienna’s intention to open a diplomatic mission in the Northern capital, the necessary documents were received. However, there is still no certainty with the premises for Austrian diplomats.

“Now the ball is on the side of the Austrians, they will have to contact the city administration and the representative office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a request for help in choosing the premises for the consulate. So far there have been no such appeals, but let’s hope that this will happen, this will happen this year, ”said Zapevalov.

In addition, according to a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in 2020, the Honorary Consul of Portugal can resume work in the Northern capital and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire can start working. The Russian side also agreed to the establishment of the post of Honorary Consul of South Africa, which “has long shown great interest in St. Petersburg,” – businessman Vladimir Borisov will become one.

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